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We hope that you enjoyed the Fishers Renaissance Faire as much as we did!

Most of the pictures we take are of us and our family and friends. We also take other pictures of general interest, and we just might have snapped a photo with you in it, so feel free to download these pictures, we ask for nothing in return.

Though all pictures are still owned by Ye Olde Gaffers, and Ye Olde Gaffers retain all rights to these photos, you may use them as you wish, as long as they are ONLY used for personal use (you DO NOT need to ask permission to post on your web site).

No commerical use of these photos allowed.

If you see a picture you would like to have, we can supply it in a much higher resolution. Contact us with the name of the picture(s) you are interested in and we will email them to you. (see contact link at bottom of page)

Pictures from 2007 Bloomington Renaissance Faire

Pictures from 2007 Fishers Renaissance Faire

Pictures from 2008 Fishers Renaissance Faire

Pictures from 2008 Ohio Renaissance Festival

Pictures from 2010 Ohio Renaissance Festival


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