Chain Mail / Armor Stand

I needed to make another stand, but did not wish to put all the time and effort into making one like my first all wood stand, so I came up with my second project stand. This stand is pretty simple to make and those with limited wood working skills and tools should be able to complete this one.

It is made from some oak boards, and the metal parts are actually ornamental iron railing parts. I got all the lumber, posts, and feet from my local lumber yard. The post are 36" and can be cut with a hacksaw (or a katana :>). This makes a very sturdy stand, and I was pleased how solid it turned out.

Here is a picture of the entire stand. Keep in mind that can adjust any of the heights by changing how long or short you make the rails. This one is a bit short as it is in a room with a sloping ceiling. It required 6 rail feet, and two pieces of rail. I used 1/4" bolts, and then used wood screws for the head piece.

At the bottom of this page I have plans which show all of the construction details.

This is just a closeup of the adjustable feet, and the rail foot. They come with two set screws to securely fasten the rail into the foot. The adjustable feet makes leveling the whole stand a simple task, and I recommend them.

This picture shows a closeup up of the "shoulders" and head. Keep in mind that all of measurements can be changed to suit your paticular situation. You really need to use a hardwood such as oak or hickory (oak is available at most home centers), as pine or a softwood will be too easily damaged by the chainmail.

I added 4 curved pieces to the top board to give the "shoulders" a bit more of realistic look to them, and help spread out the stress on the hanging chainmail. They are just glued on with screws coming up from the bottom to secure them.

Be sure to round all of the edges and corners so you don't end up snagging your chainmail on them.

This is a closeup of the feet for the stand. The sizes I show on the plans make for a very sturdy stand that doesn't feel like it will tip easily. Of course if you have kids that may climb on it then you need to take the proper precautions such as securing it to the floor or wall.

Click on the picture above to download
the plans for this stand.


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