Deluxe Chain Mail and Armour Stand

A while back I wanted a way to display my chainmail and armour and wasn't very pleased with the stands that were available so I decided to build my own. I wanted something that actually looked like a human torso, as opposed to just a 2 dimensional rack. The below pictures show what I came up.

I am a little over 6ft tall and I made my rack the same height. It looks pretty real, and the first few times I walked into my room my "Knight" startled me for a moment :>). This rack is very sturdy, and does not feel at all "tippy". I did have to rework the bottom stand a bit and that is reflected in the plans at the bottom of the page. The below picture on the left (with surcoat), shows the extra board I placed along the bottom. The picture on the right shows the original setup.

Needless to say if you have kids that may climb on it then you need to take the proper precautions such as securing it to the floor or wall.

The picture on the left shows the entire stand (before the modification to the feet). As can be seen there are lots of wood pieces but none of them are difficult to fabricate. I will admit that I do have a well equipped wood shop, but the only tools you will really need is a band saw (or jig saw), a router (to round the edges) and a power sander is very helpful. A drill was used to drill holes and drive the screws. Since most of the wood will be covered you don't really need to finish to furniture quality, but you do want to make sure that it is constructed as to be strong.

All wood needs to be a hardwood, mine is all oak. Pine is way too soft, and not near strong enough. Hickory or ash would work fine also, but oak is much more available. I don't have drawn plans (except for the feet) but hopefully I have included enough pictures to show all the details. I do have two pictures below that I have roughly marked the dimensions on. If anyone has questions about a paticular dimension please feel free to contact me.

The dimensions I used were just taken from my self (ok, with a bit of wishful thinking) and you can change them to fit your body type if you wish. These are just a guide.

The wood is 3/4" oak boards, the dowels are 1 1/4" oak, and the little strips (toroso) are 1/4" x 3/4" oak. The leg is 2x2 oak post that I made by gluing two 1x2 oak boards together.

The picture on the right shows a good closeup of the shoulders and chest. This took me a bit of trial and error to make it look correct. Keep in mind that you can always add another piece of shaped wood to give the "human" look.

This shot shows a closeup of the torso. Notice that there are 3 boards (top, middle, bottom), and that the top and bottom have the 1/4" x 3/4" strips attached to them with screws. Also the middle board is a bit smaller then the top and bottom board, and the strips are NOT attached to them on the front or sides. This gives them some spring, and allows you to actually put on a sword belt or scabbard. These strips also add a lot of strength to the torso.

The picture on the right shows the 2x2 post attached to the bottom of the torso. This needs to be a very strong connection. I used a long lag screw to attach the bottom torso board to the post. I also added some extra supports on the bottom which are screwed into the bottom toroso board and the post.

If you look close you should see 2 brass screws attached to the bottom torso board. I use these to hang on my leg armour. Some nice brass hooks would probably be a neater solution.

This is just another shot of the torso and I wanted to show the little piece of wood in the middle of the bottom torso board. I used this small piece of wood to hide the lag screws and other screws which attachs all to the post.

I just wanted to show the head of the stand with an open face helmet.

Click on the picture above to download
the plans for this stand.


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