Leather Elven Quiver

Below are plans for an elven back quiver. This quiver is made by forming wet leather (veg tan only) around a plastic pipe and then clamping one side and the bottom.

The quiver can be finished with standard leather dye, and topped off with wax or an acrylic leather finish.

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As can be seen in the drawing above, and after the leather is dry, you will need to rivet all around the side and bottom of the quiver. I also glued a piece of leather to the top to stiffen it a bit and add some detail. If you notice on the black leather above I also laced some lace around the top, again, just for decoration. Leather rivets are available which are finished on both sides and this is what I recommend for this project as you can see both sides of the rivets.

This is a picture of the quiver clamped. I use two pieces of wood, one on each side and then clamped. The plans show this in detail. Don't worry if the leather that you have clamped does not line up perfectly as you will trim if after it dries.

Here is the quiver still on the plastic pipe, after it has dried. It is now ready to be trimed and then riveted.

Click on the picture above to download
the plans for this quiver.


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