Oak Inkwell

We recently visted Jamestown, and I picked up a quill and inkwell, and thought it would be nice to have it all in one piece. Makes a nice additon to a desk.

My first thought was how to drill a square hole in a piece of wood. Then I remembered the old trick! I started this simple project by cutting out a 1/2" deep slot in a 3/4" piece of oak the width of the glass inkwell using multiple passes on a table saw. You could also use a router, or even a chisel. I then glued two pieces of 1/2" x 3/4" oak to the main piece.
Next I applied wood glue to the all three pieces and then clamped them all together. I then set it aside to dry overnight.
This shows a "top" view of the dried, cut and sanded piece, with a nice square hole to hold the inkwell.
Cool!, the glass inkwell fits just like it should. For a little detail I also used a router table and a rounding bit to add a little detail to the front and back of the wood piece.
All that is left now, is to drill the correct size hole for the quill (at a little bit of an angle), stain and lacquer.

The Finished Inkwell


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