Leather Back Quiver

Below are plans for a back quiver. I show a couple of differnt types, but they are pretty made the same way. The black quiver is sewn up the back, while the brown is laced up the front. You form the leather around (veg tan only) a plastic pipe after soaking the leather in water for about 30 minutes. I have also added a strip of leather around the bottom of the black quiver to cover the nails.

The quivers can be finished with standard leather dye, and topped off with wax or an acrylic leather finish.

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This is a picture of the back of the quiver. You will want to rivet the belt to the bottom of the quiver before you fasten the round wood bottom. You will also want to glue (any good wood glue) a piece of round leather to the top and bottom of the round wood piece. This makes the bottom of the quiver look like leather and the leather on top of the wood inside of the quiver cushions the arrows and keeps them from hitting wood.

This shot shows the sewing on the back of the black quiver

This shows looking into the quiver from the top. Notice that I have glued in (not on the plans) a 1" strip of leather around the inside of the quiver. This gives the quiver a nice finished look. If you wish you could glue a strip of wool around the top to help quiet down the arrows as they move around.

Click on the picture above to download
the plans for this quiver.

Below are some pictures of a Quiver Rick Dremann of Ohio made recently using the above plans as a guide. I think it turned out really nice. I really like his choice of colors.


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